Management Best Practices Video Series by Bob Norton


This Management Best Practice Series consists of different short videos that are about 2 to 5 minutes each with a single Management Best Practice. It is designed for marketing our expertise and also can be used to send short pithy answers to problems to prospects and clients. 

Best Practice 1 Collaborative Management For Professionals

Best Practice 2 Clear Goals/Mission that Everyone Understands

Best Practice 3 Require Open and Clear Communication


Best Practice 4 To Improve You Must Measure

Best Practice 5 Mutual Trust is Required for High-Performance

Best Practice 6 Hire Based on Your Brand & Culture – The Southwest Airlines Story

Best Practice 7 Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Best Practice 8 Never Tell a Team Member What a Deadline is - Let Them Tell You

Best Practice 9 Cultivate a Positive Atmosphere

Best Practice 10 Recruit the Right Players and Value Diversity HOTS Model

Best Practice 11 Manage Any and All Conflict Immediately


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