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Registration and License Agreement

I understand I will have a license to use the copyrights, intellectual property, models, materials, slides and CD (“Materials”) for my personal use only, and that no license is granted to copy, distribute teach, or in any other way profit from the intellectual property, trademarks and other materials provided.  I agree not to compete with C-Level Enterprises, Inc. (“C-Level”) for a period of ten years, knowingly provide the Materials to competitors, or potential competitors, or use this material in any way not specifically authorized herein.  Specifically, I will not reproduce, post or loan these materials in any way, except as specifically authorized herein by C-Level Enterprises, Inc.


I understand and agree that the Materials, distributed, taught and learned during The Art and Science of Business Design - CEO Boot Camp seminar is the sole property of C-Level and any other entity it appoints in its sole discretion.  It is offered “as is” with no express or implied guarantees for any particular purpose or use.


I understand that I may be video and/or audio taped and recorded, and I grant full permission for this and understand I will receive no compensation for this, other than the right to attend this seminar.


I understand that attendance is granted by a license and can be revoked at any time.  I agree to pay any and all previously disclosed fees that may not have been paid in full before the event.  I understand that C-Level is not a regulated or licensed school of any kind, charges no tuition and issues no diplomas, or trade school training credits and that all work done here is private consulting, paid for by you or your company, to train you on how to apply the confidential systems and materials we publish.


I agree that any violation of these terms by me could cause irreparable harm to C-Level and I agree that if I violate these terms then injunctive relief should be granted immediately by a court of law in any jurisdiction where a violation is happening to prevent further damage.  This agreement may be enforced under the laws of Texas, or any jurisdiction C-Level elects where violations may occur and if any part of this agreement is deemed unenforceable the remainder will remain in full effect.


I understand that no one can promise business success to anyone else as there are hundreds of factors involved which they must do right and showing past success is not a promise of future success. Under no condition will C-Level be liable for use of its materials in any way. And customers waive any right to legal action for any liability whatsoever and agree that any action will be dismissed but if not dismissed they will be responsible for all ongoing legal fees of both sides and agree to submit to binding arbitration under the Rules of The American Arbitration Association. No warranties are offered or implied as part of this license to attend and use the tools learned.  

Each an every attendee/student must agree to this in writing to begin the Boot Camp program.

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Launch my Business Package with Intensive Coaching & Training for a 3-Person Team

This full service "Do it With You" package is the best training on the planet today. We will walk you through key challenges and improve your business model, strategy, sales and valuation guaranteed.  

What you'll get:

  • Full access to all Boot Camp for 6 months for three team members

  • 12 Private calls with Bob to work on your business with your team. You set the agenda.

  • The CEO Boot Camp Tool Kit with over 100 tools, models, forms and legal documents to save thousands in legal fees and mistakes. License to use in your own business.

  • Access to live Q & A sessions with Bob Norton, our CEO and Creator of this program

  • Email support direct from Bob

  • Access to group coaching calls one per month

  • Downloadable slide handouts for each course to create at CEO Manual with your notes

  • Your company and team should be ready to pitch investors even before completion

  • Frameable Certificate of completion for each team member: Master of Business Acceleration*

* Each certificate requires completion of 75% of program quizzes at passing score. i.e. 70% score on at least 20 course quizzes