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Professional Management Certification Program (MSP) 12-weeks

Nothing can accelerate your careers like good management and people skills. These skills will boost any career. In any industry.  This certification is a foundation in Management Science skills that will enable a world of career growth, entrepreneurship, and faster advancement in any company.

There are many proven best practices and principles that apply in every industry to build a high-performance culture that wins markets.  Managers with these skills and experience are the best-paid people because they leverage other people’s abilities and enhance corporate value creation and productivity. 

Over the last two decades, we have synthesized all the best ideas and systems from over 1,000 books and hundreds of business gurus like Peter Ducker, The Father of Management, Jim Collins, author of several classic business texts like Good to Great and Great by Choice, Michael Porter “The Father of Business Strategy” and literally hundreds more. This program is like getting the cliff notes on a hundred books and can change the course of a career.

This course covers Management Science which has been developed and researched over seven decades and evolved with technology and society.  We have found no universities, even MBA programs, that teach all these skills.  Management is an art that must be practiced. However, the foundational knowledge required to start well on that learning path is needed first.

You will learn the five major styles every manager should know and use depending on the situation and employee. Various people require assorted styles of management.  These are not at all obvious and having this structure allows managers to adapt and use the best style in each situation.

Management requires an understanding of people’s motivations, abilities, and psychology. You will learn about how a corporate vision aligns teams and creates a higher performance culture.  And how that must vary based on the size of the organization. You will learn about psychological principles, personality types, and testing tools that will help you hire better people and create a more productive culture with higher morale and lower turnover. 

You will learn how to “run a department or business “by the numbers”, designing the best Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and aligning these with corporate and individual goals that create a win-win atmosphere, clarity, and accountability for everyone.  This allows you to manage more people and even layers of people and take on more responsibility.

In today’s world, it is necessary for any company to attract and keep the best people. And allow them to develop their potential. This is the #1 priority for all Managers, executives, and even every CEO.  Building teams is required to accomplish the most important and valuable tasks.  As Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, meaning a strong culture and good management always win out over just strategy.  Good teams fix anything.

BenefitsThis Certification Program will allow you to advance your career and company by Being a better manager to find and keep the best people, adding interview techniques to your quiver of management tools

  1. Moving up the corporate ladder in any company faster by creating a team with high productivity and strong morale
  2. Creating a more innovative culture without being a slave driver and preventing people friction that reduces productivity and gets managers fired
  3. Preparing to run a larger group or division of a company, or start a small company
  4. Gain the respect of your superiors and move up, or into management if you are not there already
  5. Build a foundation that allows you to move into the executive suite or CEO’s corner office with time and practice

This certification is guaranteed to enhance your career no matter what path you want it to take.


Most courses are broken into 10 to 20 minutes modules or segments.