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The CEO & Entrepreneurship Boot Camp has already trained thousands of CEOs from over 30 countries since it was created in 2004.  And every graduate agreed they would save or earn an extra $100,000 in the following months as a result of what they learned. The reality is graduates should literally earn millions more over a career in increased equity value of any company they launch or run.

And now it has been expanded to almost double the previous content at the live event for this online version.  This framework is now the world's most comprehensive framework for starting new businesses and launching new products successfully. 
In fact, we believe it is now by far better than getting an MBA or any other training available.

Bob Norton, the Creator of The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp has grown two startups to over $100 million in sales in less than 5 years each and made over $1 billion in profits for his investors. This Boot Camp contains all the tools he collected and created over a 30+ year career as a CEO, Serial Entrepreneur and as CEO Coach and Adviser since 2002. Enjoy this sample peak into some courses in the Boot Camp. 


The Boot Camp comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so we take all the risk. This page contains a free preview of most of the courses in the Boot Camp including a review of the agenda in each course. You can sample all the courses and get a feel for what you "Don't know you don't know" that you will learn.

About eighty percent of companies fail in the first few years and this program addresses all the reasons they fail. 

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How to Take the Boot Camp & What's In It

This segment reviews what is in the Boot Camp, setting your goals and plan to complete it and an overview of the entire journey. This will turn you into a business ninja and help you earn you Master of Business Acceleration, with all the tools to design an optimum business model, develop the product/service with high productivity and creativity and launch your business with little risk. 

It discusses the science of learning optimization and neuroplasticity so you can get the highest retention possible. 


Vision – The 11 Elements of a Successful Vision and How and Why Visions Generate More Successful Companies

Vision is a complex and abstract concept and misunderstood by most.  Successful serial entrepreneurs use a vastly different definition than most. This course defines a vision in a useful way you can implements and explains how powerful and necessary a vision is to growth and success.  And how to optimize your team's productivity, alignment and effectiveness.

We will also explore how human psychology and potential are activated by visions, when properly communicated and discuss other important concepts like the “Core” of a business, sometimes called your "Hedgehog Concept” and your “Why”.


Competitive Strategy and Positioning to Differentiate and Dominate Your Niche.

How Stage of Development Impacts Strategy & Positioning. Learn about the competitive strategy and positioning tools used by top consulting firms and The Father of Strategy.

Learn to identify dozens of possible niches that prevent direct competition while you gain a beachhead and initial cash-flow in your space. And will position your company for success. 


Business Model Design – What Many Fail To Think Enough About and Why Over 80% of Companies Fail

Business model design is art and science. It can be done only after sufficient Market Research and Competitive Intelligence are completed.

There are literally hundreds of ways to design a business model around a particular idea. This is designed to help you come up with the best, not the quickest or most obvious like most do.

This course reviews the many factors that make business model strong.


Competitive Intelligence and Counterintelligence

This course explores all the different methods to perform competitive intelligence, counterintelligence and research sources to put you ahead of the competition.

You will learn about sources of data few know about, industry statistics and surveys, statistical impact of competitive intelligence, who is responsible, appropriate resources that are often free. Legal issues. 


Innovation and Disruption to Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Every company must cultivate a culture of innovation. Learn to instill innovation in your company's culture.  Understanding these two is key to success.

Peter Drucker, The Father of Management says marketing and Innovation are the only two jobs of a company. However, many emphasize and reward other focus and ignore these. Every company must aspire to innovate constantly in this rapidly changing world where new technology or a new business model can obsolete your business in no time flat. Here is a roadmap to do this well. 


Branding - Leveraging 10 Million Years of Evolution & Emotion to Get Superior ROI All Your Marketing

Branding is pervasive. You would have to be a Tibetan Monk to avoid seeing literally hundreds of brand impressions, likely thousands daily. Just opening your refrigerator will likely expose you to twenty or thirty impressions. Walk into a supermarket and we are talking thousands of brand impressions.  Brand can be insidious and powerful. 

Companies spend billions annually on branding because it works. Creating an edge in the marketplace that increases sales, reduces costs and more. 


Building Your Management Team – The Skill Set Matrix™ and the 20 Key Skills You Need on Your Team

Any venture capitalist will tell you it is all about team, team, team. That is because a good team with a bad idea/model will fix it, while a good idea with a bad team will go bankrupt or be beat by a better competitor.

The tool will help you avoid the most common hiring mistake that kills companies every day.  Tens of millions are lost on this mistake every year, maybe even hundreds of millions in investments. This tool will help you take the emotion out of hiring and reviewing employees.


Intellectual Property – Tips and Tricks on Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets needed to Build Sustainable Competitive Advantage

This course covers the basics, providing a roadmap to understanding the legal aspects of intellectual property. Every company needs to use IP to build barriers to entry and insure it is not just training competitors with all its hard-earned lessons. We will review a list of over twenty ways to build sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) using IP as it is one of the most diverse and important tools in the tool box and virtual every company can use many of these tools.


Product and Service Development - Getting 10X Productivity & Innovation for Less Money

How to Drive 10X the Productivity and Get Higher Innovation while also spending less. 

We'll do a case study on one of the most successful R & D efforts of all time which took one-third of the normal time and created the best airplane in its class for over forty years. You will learn the philosophy and twelve rules that can bring this level of productivity and innovation to your team. 


Personality Testing And Interviewing to Improve Match, Tenure and Culture 

This session discusses the state-of-the-art methods of personality testing and foundational personality archetypes which are useful to know for hiring, branding and organizational development. 

Learn the four types of personalities you need at startup, or as early as possible and the personalities that are best for key jobs and skills that can increase results and tenure. And how to avoid the dangerous personality types that can destroy your business. 


Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) For ANY Business

Sustainable competitive advantage is the only thing that drives high valuations. Price to earnings ratios can be 5 to 10X for a company that locks up its market well, and ideally in many ways, using multiple techniques you will learn in this course. This can mean a cash out price for you and your investors of 10, 20 even 50X more because growth rates will also be higher with strong SCA and marketing costs lower.

SCA is the key to creating wealth, attracting capital and building the best team. Designing your business for SCA will create a self-fulfilling prophecy for business success. 


Risk Mapping – Flush Out the Risk and Save on Expensive Failures and Also Derisk Your Business Model 20 

This Risk Landscape Map(TM) is a tool to tune and optimize your business model and look at any problem to flush the risk out of your solution.  

The Risk Landscape Map™ is the first tool I use looking at any new business or investment. It can save and make you loads of money when used properly.

This is a course Mr. Norton given to MBA candidates in Entrepreneurship programs since 1992 that is available nowhere else.


Eight Psychology Principles that Can Kill Companies that CEOs & Entrepreneurs Must Understands

This session reviews the agenda and The Recency Effect and why models are required when working in groups with complex problems.

We will also look at billion-dollar companies, as well as startups, taken down by simple psychological principles the senior team did not understand. 



The Top 10 Challenges of Scaling a Business

Although the CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp is designed for startups and early-stage companies, virtually every tool and principle in it works in any size company. There is just a need to adjust management style by stage of developmenThis session reviews the agenda and The Recency Effect and why models are required when working in groups with complex problems.



Five Stages of Corporate Development Model

A startup must act very differently than a mature company in many ways. Not making these adjustments based on past experience of the Entrepreneur or employees can kill companies.


Branding: Apple Case Study - The 44 Year Path and Evolution to a $1 Trillion Company

A 44-year history of the evolution of the Apple logo, brand, and products that explore the clever things Apple did to become one of the world’s most valuable companies and the first to hit $1 trillion market value.



Branding: Design Your Brand - Full Process & Roadmap and Examples

This is the 5-Step collaborative process to create a brand strategy for your company.  Driven off your USP.  


Market Research for 100% Successful Market Entry

Learn how market research will steer your enterprise to success. Learn new market research concepts that will help your company design ONLY what customers will pay for too. 


Market Entry Strategy Versus GTM

This is where I  see 90% of companies failing when they present to investors. They lack the forethought and planning to articulate a long-term strategy to enter and expand their market.


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Create a superior business model, raise capital, attract a quality management team and come out in the top few percent of Entrepreneurs by using a proven framework and set of systems developed by a Serial Entrepreneur over 30 years.

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Additional courses coming soon included for all first cohort members:

  1. Entrepreneurial Marketing
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Your Finance Infrastructure
  4. The Five Styles of Management and When to Use Each (Dec)
  5. Introduction to Dashboards 101 - Enabling Management by Exception and By the Numbers (Dec)
  6. Goal Setting Using MBO & OKR for 56% More Value Creation (Dec)


Free Bonus Courses & Webinars on Raising Capital:

  1. Bootstrapping - Getting Far on Little Cash to Preserve Your Equity
  2. Raising Capital from Angel Investors
  3. Raising Capital from Institutions Like VCs
  4. 30 Other Sources of Financing Reviewed and Ranked

More courses to Be Added Later - Free Access to Cohort #1 Graduates:

  1. Using Professional Services: Lawyers, Accountants and Consultants, Oh My.

  2. Leadership Models for Success

  3. Dashboards For Managers 201