Top 8 Reasons Companies Fail  To Raise Funds


This E-Book will also show you how to position your company for success and to raise outside capital. 

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Over 80% of startups and 90% of the new products fail!  This eBook will help you be in the top 5% that succeed.  Here is what's Inside:


1. The 8 top reasons (mistakes really) that startups fail to raise capital - Duh, that's the title.

2. Why less than 1% of companies ever get true institutional investors like venture capital

3. The thirty-two types of financing that most ignore, even though they are easier to get

4. What your company must pitch to all investors that most miss - Every quality investor wants to see this!

5. How to visual show your competitive advantage and market position

6. What a top market entry strategy, or “Go to Market” (GTM) looks like

7. The target ROI (% return) for each main category of investor - This is huge to understand.

8. The process that can practically guarantee launch success - 42% fail at this!

9. The ten steps to creating a winning pitch deck and the slides you must have - Again most fail here.


Bonus: You will also get a link to our free video course: The Entrepreneur's Journey which reviews the 30 steps and skills needed to build a successful company.

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About The Author


Bob Norton,CEO,

CEO Coach and Adviser,

Independent Director

  • Mr. Norton has been a Serial Entrepreneur and had a 100% launch success rate of his companies returning over $1 billion to his investors
  • Author of four books including The Startup Manual and Leadership, Co-Authored with Dr. Warren Bennis, The Father of Leadership
  • He has trained thousands of CEOs and Entrepreneurs at The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp since 2004. Now online. 
  • Mr. Norton founded six companies selling four and still running two and helped hundreds launch and scale as an Adviser and CEO Coach
  • He grew two startups to $100M and $156M in sales in 5 years and 3 years respectively
  • He is a top Speaker and Thought Leader in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Management Science having published over 125 articles and studio-produced over 360 training videos
  • In 2009 he created AirTight Management, the world's first modular Management Operating System to help companies scale
  • Father of two, Angel Investor, Philanthropist, Pilot, SCUBA Diver and Racing Yacht Captain with many awards


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Bob Norton,
Serial Entrepreneur,
CEO Coach and Adviser,
Independent Director