• Increase your growth rate to between 25% and 100% CAGR, and smooth growth
  • Attract world-class talent
  • Develop your existing managers and key staff for long-term retention
  • Improve your culture, productivity and reduce internal friction
  • Build more sustainable competitive advantage to attract capital easier
  • Get a higher valuation, drive profit margins up and get 3-10X higher multiples on any exit
  • Gain market share
  • Give employees higher confidence in your future, leadership and growth potential

Amazingly, only 1 in 400 companies will ever reach $10 million in sales because of many reasons.

Definition: "Scaling" is over 25% CAGR, and ideally 50% to 100%


1. Team, team and team, and a program to develop and retain them

2. Systematization (typically of 26–30 processes in 5 to 6 business areas)

3. A Management Operating System (MOS), or cadence for goal setting,
accountability, and communications

4. A good strategic plan, vision and “Why”

5. Low turnover in top positions created by a
strong culture, teamwork and shared values

6. Use of proven best practices in
management and leadership that few companies know and use

7. Creation of a high-performance culture

ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (OD) = Working "on", not just "in" the business
Combining several management methods can dramatically improve organizational effectiveness, value, growth rates and create more sustainable competitive advantage.

Organizational Development programs develop the systems, polices and procedures needed as a company grows. This is the skeleton of a company built based on its industry, mission and values.

Controlling a culture becomes exponentially more difficult as a company grows. Therefore, it is critical to start as early as possible. Larger organizations must have separate programs for each area, or line of business.


Every business with at least three managers should begin a rudimentary Management Development Program (MDP). MDPs are focused on the individuals and their professional skills development.


  • Create a culture consistent with the company’s strategy, mission, value proposition and brand
  • Improve manager performance, which has high ROI
  • Leverage High-Performance Team (HPT) techniques
  • Improve planning and predictability in the business
  • Increase average tenure of the top people who want to grow professionally to move up and stay long-term 
  • Reduce politics and infighting
  • Eliminate group think
  • Create a meritocracy where metrics and performance drives decisions
  • Constantly improve the work environment that will evolve with growth to attract top talent with a career path, not just a job
  • Create clear expectations for all and deliver projects on time more often
  • Help top employees grow professionally, so they stay long-term and attract other top people, reducing turnover, training and recruiting costs

Ask to see the research on employee development benefits and ROI.

The Deming Wheel, or cycle of constant improvement (Kaizen).

Market leaders become leaders by finding, keeping and growing the best people. Apple, Intel, Amazon and Facebook all have extensive OD and MD programs. They did not get there by accident. Why did Facebook replace Myspace? How did Apple recover from near bankruptcy to become the most valuable company in the world? Why did Intel dominate PC chips when the Motorola chips were far better than theirs in the early 1980s? The answer to all these questions is the same: “People and culture”.



  • Goal setting and accountability for themselves and their team (OKR/MBO) – Most organizations fail at this simple process. Top organizations get it right. Research proven ROI: 56% more value creation!
  • Hiring, firing, coaching and developing employees
  • Managing and motivating employees. The five 5 styles of management and when to use each.
  • Budgeting and planning in advance, not reactively
  • Managing by the numbers using dashboards and KPIs for constant improvement (Kaizen) and better forecasting
  • Project Management and Product Management best practices
  • Innovation and creativity enhancement
  • High-Performance Team (HPT) techniques
  • People skills, Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Managing up, reporting and communications skills
  • Negotiation and selling skills, internal and external
  • Fiduciary responsibilities, ethics and corporate governance
  • Leadership skills – Gateway to the Executive level to run an area of the business with little oversight and over 25 FTEs
WE GUARANTEE RESULTS - Using proven, standardized systems and proven best practices can literally cut years off your company’s evolution
Our proprietary process and intellectual property incorporates over three decades of leadership and management experience and over 235 years of experience on our team collectively.  We created AirTight Management in 2009  to simplify and accelerate creating world-class organizations And help you scale far faster, without constant crisis management and firefighting.  An organization’s framework for growth is installed, as needed, in months instead of over many years of trial and error.  And your team is trained like the Navy Seals to work together with shared language, tools and vision.  And accomplish the mission


An Integrated Approach That Guarantees Success – We Do It All With You

Consulting & Design Training Coaching
Design of an individual plan for each manager requires vast experience. Only very experienced executives and consultants are capable of both identifying the needed skills and creating a program designed for each individual. Each manager needs fundamental skills training and a shared language with other managers. However, training alone almost never works. Training is just information, or a foundation for building skills. People must use these skills and force out older habits. Coaching handholds each key individual through the required habit changes to ensure success. Our coaches are all experienced managers and executives, not “Certified” in a four-week training program. They have 20,000+ hours of real-world experience.


 Consulting + Training + Coaching = Success
 Any one of these alone will not create permanent culture change
The Systems Every Business Needs to Scale


Management Best Practices

Dashboard and Metrics

Strategic Budgeting

Process Management

Human Capital  Development

One system can be installed Every 4 to 6 Weeks, or as needed, to not distract the team from other goals

Create a World-Class
Company Using Proven Systems and Best Practices Starting Today