Management Best Practices Video Series by Bob Norton


This Management Best Practice Series consists of different short videos that are about 2 to 5 minutes each with a single Management Best Practice. It is designed for marketing our expertise and also can be used to send short pithy answers to problems to prospects and clients. 

Best Practice 1 Collaborative Management For Professionals

Best Practice 2 Clear Goals/Mission that Everyone Understands

Best Practice 3 Require Open and Clear Communication


Best Practice 4 To Improve You Must Measure

Best Practice 5 Mutual Trust is Required for High-Performance

Best Practice 6 Hire Based on Your Brand & Culture – The Southwest Airlines Story

Best Practice 7 Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Best Practice 8 Never Tell a Team Member What a Deadline is - Let Them Tell You

Best Practice 9 Cultivate a Positive Atmosphere

Best Practice 10 Recruit the Right Players and Value Diversity HOTS Model

Best Practice 11 Manage Any and All Conflict Immediately


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The Financing Landscape for Startups and Early-Stage Companies Today

The Financing Landscape for Startups and Early-Stage Companies Today


By Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and Creator of The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp


This article is an introduction to the financing of any early-stage company across the stages from seed to Series B. The financing landscape today has changed radically with many more options. Some financing is easier to get but generally, equity financing is hard to get for most companies without a revenue history.  Everything you learned about this topic in the last ten years, or that the press printed more than one or two years ago, may now be obsolete.  Sure, there are unicorns and $10M+ investment every day, but there are about 5,000,000 new companies every year too.  The companies and teams getting this level of money has a long track record of successful returns to investors, proven cash-flow, or at least customer acquisition costs and a huge market opportunity.  They are also likely...

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Top Ten Tips for Raising Angel Financing Today

Top Ten Tips for Raising Angel Financing Today

By Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO Coach

Angel Investors (“Angels”) have become a much more important source of capital than ever before. Statistics show they have invested more than VCs in some past years and almost always invest more in early-stage deals. With VCs treating early-stage deals like they have the plague, young companies had better understand and use angel financing effectively. Note that VCs will tell you they do seed and early rounds but 90% really do not. They define “early” as have traction mostly, not funding product, unless there is a serious “done it before” management team that made money for investors before. Then they will always listen.

Unfortunately, angels are nervous that follow-on financing for the round after theirs will not be there and a good investment will go bad from a lack of available capital. This same phenomenon happened in the early 1990s....

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Top Ten Tips For Hiring A Senior Executive


By Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO Coach 

There is no more important decision than choosing the people at the top of your organization. After all, they will hire or approve everyone else in the company, set the tome for values, and make virtually all key decisions that will mean success or failure every business day.

A structured approach to hiring that includes all of the following items must ALWAYS be followed for any senior-level hire (VP and above), where the cost of a mistake can often be a six-figure sum.

Understand the direction in which the Board of Directors wants to take the company over the next few years and how the requisite skills are represented or missing on the current management team. Understand and be prepared to provide the necessary resources for growth. These are not difficult to define at the macro level and the new executive will certainly fill in the details later. Consider the possibility of...

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