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The image below maps out the entire metaphorical journey needed to be successful launching a new business or product.  Each icon on this mountain metaphor is a course The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp provides to make this journey successful.  Over 80% of startups fail, often for silly and easily avoidable causes. You can also preview these courses for free below with a full agenda.

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The path to building a successful company is long and arduous.  Always a marathon, not a sprint.

Beginning in the lower left with an idea (or problem to solve) and traveling up this mountain road will require great skill and commitment.  Only 1 on 1,600 companies will make it to the $10 million sales level.  One in 17,000 to $50 million.  The skills shown above must be provided by the team along the way to have high chance of success. 

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This is the only fully comprehensive program in the world today, created by a successful Serial Entrepreneur, with all the tools needed to design and launch a successful startup.
No incubator, accelerator or even MBA program comes close.

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The Entrepreneur's Journey Explained - In Three Parts


The Entrepreneur's Journey - Research and Design - Phase I

When creating and innovating the magic always happens during the design process. Most companies fail here, setting themselves up for lots of work building the wrong thing and without enough differentiation, sustainable competitive advantage and barriers to entry.

This video reviews all the tools and skills needed to get through this phase of a company's development that can guarantee a successful launch. 

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The Entrepreneur's Journey Part 2 - Product & Service Development

Most companies start this too early, believing they know exactly what the market needs. To build a company that can enter a market with minimal risk and grow fast this process must include developing a plan for intellectual property, validation with customers along the way, proper team build and many other tasks. 

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The Entrepreneur's Journey - Part 3 - Launch Preparation

Now your vision will require expertise in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and more. Market entry is the risky part of this journey.

If you have done a thorough job of Phase I and II then you have set a company and product up for a successful launch.


Thoughts From Previous Graduates on Taking The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp

2004 to 2020


Design a Business Around Any Idea

All the tools to create a business model that can work. Using strategy, positioning, risk reduction and branding tools available nowhere else.

Create a Killer Market Entry Strategy

One that has sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA), many barriers to entry, strong financial performance and little competition.

Build a Killer Product or Service

Using state-of-the-art skunkworks techniques, innovation and intellectual property to protect your business from competitors.

Launch That Product/Service Into the Market

Using proven management best practices, operations and sales and marketing models.

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