The Top 26 Reasons No One Should Ever Support Donald Trump in Any Capacity

It continues to amaze me how ANYONE is willing to vote for Donald Trump. Sure, we need to get back to more conservative values (obliterate DEI, quotas and the out of control woke nonsense like pretending transgender people are normal and educating young children that this is okay), fiscal policy and reduce government by maybe 50%, or more at all levels. Do not get me wrong, I am 100% for equality of treatment of people. Just not equal outcomes. It seems our younger generation cannot tell the difference.

Trump is clearly not very bright, is totally unethical, is a prolific criminal and will be going to jail soon too. I doubt anyone ever got indicted for over 100 felonies and got off without a jail sentence. Only corruption in the system would prevent him from getting a long sentence.

How can anyone think voting for him, instead of insisting on better candidates, is a good thing?! It means they are either ignorant of the facts (listed below which are in the news everywhere), dumb or...

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