What Skills and Qualities are Essential for Leadership?

The most important traits of quality leaders are integrity, good management and people skills, the ability to see the future (need or market) and communicate that vision to their team and others. Obviously, some domain/industry expertise in the areas you are executing.  Some may call this “Selling the vision” and that can be to employees, investors, vendors or anyone.  A leader aligns all parties needed to proceed forward, including all stakeholders. 

I define leadership as when you do not have to look back because you know people are following you because they want to and believe in accomplishing the mission. Not because they have to, or because of a corporate hierarchy.  Shackelton's Adventures is a great story on leadership, I recommend everyone read or view the documentary.  He saved all those lives on a disastrous voyage through strong leadership. 

Leadership is very different from management. Managers coerce people with...

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